...Do you have any physical stores?

For now, we are only an online store, although… those in Gauteng can view our products on display at the Motani showroom.

59 Andries Street, Wynberg, Sandton

Stay close by to see where we appear next! We are working on some listings…

..How can your products be cleaned/looked after?

If messed with water wipe with a dry cloth

If dusty, lightly wipe with a slightly damp cloth

Store indoors and keep out of wet weather

..How much weight can each seat handle?

The bearing capacity of the paper is increased by the honeycomb structure, allowing a maximum of 300 kilograms per seat.

..What are your products made from?

Our products are made from a specialised & treated kraft paper which is fire retardant

...How do your products stay expanded?

They either secure with a magnet, or in some cases, can be tied as well

..What are your table-tops made of?

Our table-tops are Acrylic…which is much more durable than glass..

Our table-tops are also detachable so storage is never a hassle!

..Do all of your products expand/contract?

Yes! They all have accordion functionality which makes them convenient for storing and extremely space-conscious!

..Are your products child-friendly?

Yes! Our products do not contain any material/pieces which are harmful to kids

…Or your pets!